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Vancouver + Lower Mainland

201 - 3701 Hastings Street, Burnaby  
Saturdays anytime after 2pm

Sundays - anytime before 12pm or after 6pm
Mondays - anytime before 2pm
Other week day evenings can be arranged if necessary, please contact to discuss!



$90 Lash Lift  + Complementary Tint
$10 Plump Gold-Infused Lash Treatment
$25 Brow Shape + Tint

$18 Tint Touch Up 

Contact via email or phone to book!


How long does the Lash Lift treatment take?

 -The treatment takes about an hour from start to finish so you much be comfortable with closing you eyes for a long period of time.

Does the Lash Lift treatment hurt?

-No, this treatment is 100% pain free! If you have SUPER sensitive skin patch test is recommended. 

What is Plump?
Plump is a 24-karat gold-infused solution that  adds nutrients to the lashes to increase lash density  up to 24% from the inside out.  A perfect little add on to treat yourself and bring your lash lift experience up one more level.

I wear contacts, can I wear them during the treatment?
-No, it is advised you come wearing glasses for safety reasons. You can put them in after the treatment but taking out or putting in contacts before 24 hours after the treatment can harm your treatment due to the water.


How long does this treatment last for, and how often can I get it done?

 -This treatment lasts anywhere from 8-12 weeks (approx. 2 months), or a whole cycle of the natural eyelash. In most cases, you will notice after about 8 weeks the eyelashes return to their natural unlifted state.

-This treatment is safe to apply after lashes have returned to there natural shape. The tint can be reapplied after 4 weeks or when noticeably faded.


What is the proper after care after getting a Lash Lift?

 -You are not allowed to get your eyelashes wet for a full 48 hours after receiving your Lash Lift! After the 24 hour period, you are free to do whatever you like, there are no other special instructions! For best results keep dry for 48 hours. You can wear any mascara/makeup you like (if you choose too), you can wash your face with any type of face wash, you can rub your eyes, sleep on your face (if thats whats comfortable for you), go swimming, whatever you like! These are 100% your own lashes so return to treating them as normal. You can even get eyelash extensions added in after if you like, or wear false eyelashes for more dramatic looks!

 Whats the difference between a lash lift and lash perm?

 -Lash Lift and a typical lash perm are very different.

-Eyelash perm curls the delicate eyelash hair, which gives the hair an obvious curl but doesn't do much more. Eyelash perms also use very harsh chemicals that can severely damage or break the natural lash, and can do a lot of damage to the eye if there is a sloppy application.

-Keratin Lash Lift treatment takes your natural lashes and delicately lifts them from the root to make them appear longer and more full. This is achieved by softening the keratin in you lashes and resting them. I am also able to comb and seperate each lash in the process to give the appearance of a more full, more voluminous lash line. The eye appears bigger, the lashes appear longer, and we apply a complimentary tint (if wanted) to give the eyes a beautiful "pop!" On top of that the formula is a very gentle non toxic, hypo allergenic keratin protein treatment that adds nutrients and vitamins into the eyelashes.​ 

I'm vegan, can I get a Lash Lift?

 -Absolutely, I wouldn't use this product otherwise! The Lash Lift products we use are vegan, cruelty free, non toxic, hypo allergenic, paraben free, and formaldehyde free.

The adhesive glue used is 100% sugar cane.

I have lash extensions, can I get a Lash Lift?
-No, you may not get a Lash Lift with eyelash extension applied. However, this is a great treatment to get before you get your extensions put in. If you have very straight, or extremely curly/wild eyelashes, getting a Yumi Lash Lift before getting your eyelash extensions can help make the natural eyelashes blend and look better.

Can I get a Lash Lift treatment done if i'm pregnant or breast feeding?

 -Absolutely! Though not promoted this treatment is 100% safe for any new moms, or mom to be. Keep in mind with all the additional hormones in the body during the time of pregnancy, or post partum, there is no guarantee the treatment will take and manipulate the curl pattern of your natural eyelashes. If you choose to go ahead with the treatment during these delicate times, use your discretion and understand you may experience no change to the natural eyelash.

What is the youngest/oldest age that can get a Lash Lift?

 -This treatment is hypo allergenic, non toxic, and extremely gentle so anyone from a teenager (13) to a mature adult is a great candidate for a lash lift. This treatment is great for anyone who is a low maintenance morning person, wears little makeup (or lots), wants a lifted and dark lash look without the worry of smudging / running in harsh conditions.

Are Lash Lifts just for women?

 -Nu-uh hunny! Men are more than welcome to have this treatment done, especially if you have extremely straight or unruly lashes that grow in different directions.

I have really short lashes and/or curly/wild lashes, can I get a Lash Lift?

-Yes! People with short lashes you may be really pleased with the results and realize your eyelashes are actually longer than you thought! People with extremely curly/wild lashes, this is a great treatment to retrain, perfect the growth pattern of your lashes.